How To Use a Synthesizer


Learn How To Easily Use a Synthesizer To Spice Up Your Tracks!

It’s NOT complicated!

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I’m going to show you how to use a synthesizer on your computer to create great sounding leads, basses, and chords in THE EASIEST WAY POSSIBLE, to give your tracks that extra “umph” they need to really stand out.

“Synthesizers are one of the most fun things about creating music on your computer. The range of amazing sounds they create is ENDLESS.”

Introducing a course that allows you to become familiar with, and use the controls on a soft synthesizer to create sounds you want and love!

Do this fast, easy to digest course that you can complete and use in under an hour!


Get Ready To Learn How To:

  • Take the seemingly complicated looking controls on a synthesizer and make COMPLETE sense of them, so that you will not be afraid to turn those knobs and create your own great sounds!

  • Easily use a synthesizer to create compelling leads, deep basses, smooth chords and more!

  • Explore the world of virtual synthesizers and realize that there is now NO LIMIT to your musical ideas!

  • Turn a smooth sound into a plucky sound, into a bass sound, into a lead sound and so on!

  • And tons more! It’s easy!?


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