Music Production Masterclass

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Want a FULL education in music production using your computer? So you can create the music you always wanted now and into the future?

Introducing our Music Production Masterclass!

The masterclass is a 4 hour video training, where you will learn from A-Z how to create, record and mix great music on your computer.

HOUR 1 – In hour 1 we give you the basics and then teach you how to arrange and edit music using special, and powerful tools that make sculpting your song a breeze.


HOUR 2 – In hour 2 you’ll learn how to record real life instruments like keyboards and guitar into the computer. We then cover vocal recording using a mic and making it sound great. Then I’ll show you how to mix everything together into a sonic blend for professional level results.


HOUR 3 – In hour 3 we’ll dive into the expansive world of effects. These are the things that make your music sound dynamic, dirty, wide, or weird! They are used in EVERY song, and you need to know about them to make your music sound as professional as it can be.


HOUR 4 – In hour 4 we’ll show you how to properly produce your track for streaming on all the major platforms and how to promote it to people in ways the music industry hasn’t caught up to yet!


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