Perfect Sounding Chords


Learn How To Create Perfect Sounding Chords in Your Music…

Without knowing any music theory or being classically trained!

Introducing a brand new, easy to follow course that will have you making perfectly blending chord progressions… all in less than an hour!

“The techniques in this course make creating amazing sounding chord progressions faster and easier than I ever thought possible!” -SC

  • Even if you know nothing about music and chord theory, you’ll be up and running using chords and creating great harmonies in no time!

  • Use a little known tool in Studio One that you won’t be able to live without once you learn it!

  • Produce incredibly catchy harmonies, that you never thought you could come up with before!

  • Destroy any writers block or barriers to starting any song.

  • And learn an amazing tool to help this process along in Studio One!

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