Ultimate Music Production Package

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For the first time ever, I’m offering my FULL Music Production Masterclass along with an 8 course music production bundle together in an amazing deal!

Here’s what you’re getting…

The FULL Music Production Masterclass!

The masterclass is a 4 hour video training, where you will learn from A-Z how to create, record and mix great music on your computer.

HOUR 1 – In hour 1 we give you the basics and then teach you how to arrange and edit music using special, and powerful tools that make sculpting your song a breeze.


HOUR 2 – In hour 2 you’ll learn how to record real life instruments like keyboards and guitar into the computer. We then cover vocal recording using a mic and making it sound great. Then I’ll show you how to mix everything together into a sonic blend for professional level results.


HOUR 3 – In hour 3 we’ll dive into the expansive world of effects. These are the things that make your music sound dynamic, dirty, wide, or weird! They are used in EVERY song, and you need to know about them to make your music sound as professional as it can be.


HOUR 4 – In hour 4 we’ll show you how to properly produce your track for streaming on all the major platforms and how to promote it to people in ways the music industry hasn’t caught up to yet!


And You’ll also be getting 8 of our best selling courses! These easy-to-follow courses will give you all the additional industry knowledge you need to make your songs full-sounding, polished, dynamic, and professional!

How To Arrange A Song

Learn how to arrange a song into a complete music production, so it can then be produced and distributed to music sites! The techniques in this course make putting together a song faster than you ever thought possible.


Recording Great Vocals

Learn how to record vocals into your computer easily, so that they sound crisp, clean and professional. And edit, arrange and tune them to perfection Good vocals can make or break a song. It’s best to get them right!


Adding Great Drums

Learn how to create catchy, rhythmic drum beats you can add to your music to spice up your music and give it that “hit song” groove! Without great drums, your songs will be lacking. Drums are what causes your body to move!


Using Virtual Instruments

Did you know you had a full orchestra, rock band, and electronic music rig hiding in your computer? YOU DO! They are called virtual instruments. Let me show you how to make amazing songs with them.


How To Use a Synthesizer

Learn how to use a virtual synthesizer on your computer to create great sounding leads, basses and chords in THE EASIEST WAY POSSIBLE, to give your tracks that extra “umph” they need to really stand out.


Creating Catchy Beats Course

Learn how to write music from scratch with a method that will make it almost impossible to sound bad, no matter what you do! Your music will just “sound good”.


Using a MIDI Controller

Learn how to use these amazing devices to elevate your music to new, exciting and emotional levels. Most people don’t even know what a MIDI controller is, so don’t worry, it’s a piece of cake.


Creating Perfect Sounding Chords

Learn how to create perfect sounding chords in your music without knowing any music theory or being classically trained! And learn an amazing tool to help this process along in Studio One!


FREE BONUS! White Keys Method

Most people who attempt to write music fall short because they don’t know a lot of music theory, chords, notes, etc.

My White Keys Method is a system that allows YOU to come up with insanely catchy melodies and rhythms without having ANY prior music knowledge. But… if you are experienced, you will LOVE this method just the same!


Get the Ultimate Music Production Package Now!

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