Using a MIDI Controller


Learn how use these amazing and fun devices to elevate your music to new, exciting and emotional levels!

Let me teach you about MIDI controllers!

A MIDI controller is “virtual hand” into your music software that allows you to control your software to catapult your music making game!

I’m going to show you how to use MIDI controllers to increase the appeal of your music by 10X!

“Using a MIDI controller when writing music can make or break your track!”

A simple course that teaches you how to get started with MIDI controllers!

“I LOVE using them to add a human element to my music and increase the appeal of my tracks so that people can really conect with them.”


Get Ready To Learn How To:

  • Easily hook up a MIDI controller to your computer

  • Set up virtual instruments so your MIDI controller plays them flawlessly

  • Use the knobs on the MIDI controller in an incredibly easy and fun way to “humanize” and add feeling to your music

  • See Steve’s recommendations on the MIDI controller you should consider

  • Use a MIDI controller to make a catchy drum track, piano tune, or synth pattern

  • And tons more! ?

Get the “USING A MIDI CONTROLLER”  course now!

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