Using Virtual Instruments


Did you know you have a full orchestra, rock band, and electronic music rig hiding in your computer? YOU DO!

They are called virtual instruments. Let me show you how to use them.

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Let me show you how to use virtual versions of popular instruments like piano, guitar, bass, synthesizers, strings, etc.. and make amazing, professional sounding music with them.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on “real” instruments – if you don’t want to.

And… you don’t need to spend years learning how to play them all either!

This is an easy to follow course that teaches you how to put virtual instruments into your musical projects, and adjust them so that they sound authentic and great.

Once you see the power of virtual instruments, you’ll realize that your musical limitations are GONE!


Get Ready To Learn How To:

  • Unleash the hidden pianos, basses, guitars, and synthesizers hiding in your computer and make professional sounding music with them

  • Learn what those “confusing” knobs in the software actually do and actually how simple they really are

  • Utilize a virtual grand piano in your computer to get a beautiful piano tone in your songs.

  • Find the best virtual instruments on the internet and get them at great prices

  • Mix virtual strings, piano, bass and drums into a song that sounds authentic and pristine

  • And tons more!


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